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First of all welcome to my new blog!! This blog is going to be filled with all things I love and little pieces of my life! You can expect to read about my family, travels, school, healthy living and our daily life. My goal this year is to RECONNECT. To all things- family, nature, God, and just to live our best life. I hope it will help you all reconnect with us and have a better understanding of the craziness in our life! 


 So here is our big news!

With all the back to school pics of all the lil cuties, I felt compelled to share our families news with everyone. We have decided to embark on a new adventure and we couldn’t be more excited/nervous about it! 

This school year, I’ll be homeschooling my almost 8 year old, Kaden, while herding my 2 year old firecracker, Sadie. Prayers are appreciated (and wine… lots of wine lol)  Getting to this decision was not easy and definitely did not come quick. It’s been a discussion, my husband, Josh and I have had many times over the last 2 years that Kaden has been in public school. There is not one but MANY reasons that have lead us to this decision and I’ll go through a few of them with you here:

  1. I know that I am biased because K is my child, but I think he is so smart and so very special. I feel as though through school he was starting to lose his spark and that killed me inside. 
  2. He is 200% boy, meaning he can’t sit still. He learns best by doing. He needs to be hands on. He thrives when he’s active and that’s simply just not the way school is designed. (Now don’t get me wrong, in the 2 years he was in school he learned so much, had excellent teachers and made great friends. I just think it’s not the best method for him right now.)
  3. We want to travel!! Josh’s job has been the biggest blessing to us and he can do a lot of his work remotely. So we are planning on traveling as much as we can while we can! We will be here for a couple months and then travel for a few weeks/month. We are so excited and looking forward to learning real life experiences along the way. 


IMG_6343 (1)

I am so nervous about homeschooling because there is so much information out there but I think we have found a curriculum that will work for us (that’s a whole other blog post) and we are really looking forward to getting started. I really want this blog to be a place to communicate and connect with you all so please leave me questions, comments and/or advice!!

Much love-